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In NinChat, you can view the posts of various characters across Gamninjustri.
Neptune, Asuka, and the others can be seen posting here,
but you also have a chance to run into many other ninja characters that you won't see anywhere else in the game.
A lot of them happen to post some pretty funny things, so don't miss your chance to check in when you can.

Oh, also... Speaking to certain characters might make things happen!
Sub-events with Neptune and the others might occur, you might receive items, and you might get new requests, so make sure to say hello!

Asuka and PH (7)_1.png


Sub-events that you unlock through NinChat give you a special chance to see the other charming sides of a character you might not see during the main story.
You can always watch any events you've already seen using "View Events" from the Kumotsu Shrine.

Spirit Gems

These are special items which can be obtained through battles and other places.
They grant characters various effects by placing them onto the "Spirit Gem Board."

Spirit Gem (2)_1.png

By placing Spirit Gems of the same type into specific shapes, bonus effects will activate!
There are only 3 available slots on the Spirit Gem Board at first, but more will unlock as you level up.
You can also synthesize Spirit Gems that are the same level and type to create an even stronger Spirit Gem!

Shinobi Base

The Shinobi Base is where you can prepare your characters for challenging battles they'll face in dungeons.
There are a few functions that can be access here, so make sure to utilize them well before going off to your next fight.



You can check a character's level and parameters, as well as the Ninja Art Skills, equipment, and Spirit Gems they have set.


You can check consumable items, Spirit Gems, equipment, and sellable items in your inventory.



You can strengthen your characters by placing Spirit Gems onto the Spirit Gem Board.

Ninja Art


You can set Ninja Art Skills with the ○×□△ buttons.


You can set your Ninja Weapons, Shuriken and Kunai, as well as Charms wielding special effects.


You can select a "Leader" and "Partner" to challenge the dungeons. Since you can't use "Formation" within dungeons, make sure to check who is in your party before deploying.

Market Street

At Market Street, you can buy various items to prepare for dungeons, such as Spirit Gems, recovery items, Shuriken, Kunai, and Charms.
As you clear dungeons, the selection of the shop will increase,
so make sure to check back often during your playthrough.


Kumotsu Shrine

At the Kumotsu Shrine, you can receive various requests from all over Gamninjustri.
These are a few types of requests, such as collecting items or fighting various yokai, and some even have time limits.
You get rewarded for completing requests, so try to take on as many as you can!

Another function of the Kumotsu Shrine includes the Treasury (a gallery).
By progressing through the game, the content will be recorded in this section.
It includes the following:

・View Event CGs
・View Movies
・View Events
・BGM Playback


Yomi Training

Yomi Training is a high difficulty mode that appears after clearing the main story!
There are 8 different kinds of Yomi Training, and they each have 3 levels.

Within a single trial, not only does your remaining HP and Fuurinkazan Drives carry over,
various restrictions are applied, such as blocking the use of items of Ninja Art Skills. This makes it incredibly challenging.

By completing the clear conditions for each trial, you'll obtain an incredible reward.
Make sure to customize your equipment as much as you can in order to take on these special battles.

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