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Fight with grace in exhilarating battles!

Enjoy taking down the enemy with class in high-speed battles!
The name of the game is to barrage enemies with attacks in order to increase your Stamina Gauge. Max it out to active Ninja Art Skills!

◆Ninja Art Skills and Ninja Art Triggers◆

Ninja Art Skills are activated via the Stamina Gauge!
Because the screen slows while you select a skill in-battle,
you can calmly and conveniently select the skill you'd like to use with ease.
Assign your favorite skills to any of the ○×△□ buttons.

By executing a new Ninja Art Skill in a way that chains it to the previous skill,
you will activate the Ninja Art Trigger chain effect, which will amplify the effects of Ninja Art Skills! It's possible to chain [First] → [2nd] → [3rd] → [End] for a total of 4 stages, so try unleashing skills in succession!


◆Shinobi Extreme◆

Shinobi Extreme is a special attack you can activate when your EX Gauge is at max!
You can deal massive damage to your enemies, along with a flashy cut-in effect!

◆Ninja Weapons◆

Your shuriken and kunai can be used as long-distance attacks during your combos in battle! Shuriken specialize in damage, and kunai specialize in inflicting status ailments. You can swap freely between the two!


◆Party Formation◆

Dungeons can be explored and challenged with two characters; one as the "Leader" and the other as "Partner." By switching to the reserve character during a combo, they attack as soon as they jump in!


◆Barrier Battles◆

When entering specific areas, you will be blocked by a barrier, initiating a Barrier Battle where you must defeat all the enemies that appear to remove the barrier!
Defeat the enemies lining up, and break the barrier!


◆Boss Battles◆

In large boss battles, the boss' HP Gauge and Break Gauge will be displayed at the upper part of the screen. When the Break Gauge is maxed, the boss will enter Break State and will be incapacitated for a short time! Additionally, any damage from attacks will greatly increase during Break State. Attacking from behind deals even greater damage and fills the Break Gauge faster, so be sure to maneuver strategically!

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