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Nintendo Switch/Steam

New Content


Two new difficulty modes have been added!

Hard Mode
A challenging mode where enemies hit harder.
Can you survive when every battle feels like a boss fight?

Easy Mode
A breezy mode that allows you
to inflict great amounts of damage upon any enemy.



Originally released on the PS4, the Alternate Costume DLC,
which includes a total of 8 costumes are included from the start!

Purple Heart, Black Heart, White Heart, and Green Heart will receive
alternately colored Ninja Garb while Asuka, Homura, Yumi,
and Miyabi will receive their pre-Shinobi Transformation outfits.

*These will be available as free DLC content for other platforms.


All sub-events from previous patches will be included!

A sub-event which consolidates all three stories will be added to the NinChat.

Enjoy the contents after you've cleared the game!

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