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Peaches & Cream Meditation 

"Peaches & Cream Meditation" is ninja training in which you work out your core by balancing on a giant, swaying, jiggling peach! Continue to keep balance by tilting your controller, so your character doesn't fall off the peach.
A "Patience Challenge" will occur during meditation for extra fun!


◆Mindful Peach◆

A Patience Challenge that tests if you can tilt the controller and have the character fit into the frame of light, keeping balance there.

By succeeding at Peaches & Cream Meditation, you'll be given a temporary boost to abilities, giving you an advantage in battle!
Furthermore, there are 3 difficulty levels to the mini-game, and the higher the difficulty cleared, the greater the effect received.
However, the higher the difficulty, the bigger the peach will become, making it harder to keep your balance!

◆Clarity Peach◆

A Patience Challenge that tests if you can keep your balance while the balance guide is no longer displayed for a brief period of time.

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